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Introducing Indian Rose Tours




Touring in India is something on the 'To-Do' list of almost every traveler. Famous for it's history, diversity and beauty, it is also known for it's intensity, crowds and poverty, and so is often regarded as a daunting destination choice. With so much to see, it is hard to pick and choose which places to visit, hard to figure out what is a must see and what can be skipped. Making these kinds of travel choices becomes almost impossibly overwhelming for visitors to India.

Luckily, that's where we come in. Indian Rose Tours to the rescue!

Do you want to see all the highlight tour sites of South India but also visit the most beautiful, as yet unknown places? Do you want to experience the hustle & bustle of the cities so typical of India, but also enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of the nature and the countryside? Always wanted to spend a night on a traditional kettuvalam boat on the Backwaters of Kerala and visit the colonial heritage of Cochin? Do you want to experience Hinduism at its liveliest at the temple of Madurai and stroll through the most photogenic market of India in Mysore? Do you want to do a trekking among the coffee and tea plantations of the Western Ghats and also laze on the prettiest beach of Kerala?


Are you looking for the perfect mix of chaos and tranquility? Cities and nature? Known and unknown? 

Look no further! Specializing in South India, the itineraries of Indian Rose Tours take you off the beaten track to help you experience the undiscovered parts of South India without skipping any of the major highlights. The tours are constructed in such a way that every stay at a city is followed by a few days in natural surroundings. To avoid the temple-overkill found in other tours, every visit to a temple city is alternated with a visit to a quiet village or a beach. We have striven to find the perfect balance in our itineraries and are convinced we have found it.

You can choose to sleep in comfortable modern hotels in the centre of towns, in friendly home-stays and in tranquil resorts deep in the lush countryside, among the folded green of ancient hills. See the “Our Tours” section on this website for a selection of suggested accommodation where you can choose between Standard, Superior and Heritage styles of hotels, resorts and home-stays.

In North India you can visit sites holy to four different religions and see the majestic Himalayas in one tour. Our other North India tour takes in all the highlights but also incorporates stays in small villages. In tropical South India you can do trekking in the mountains of the Western Ghats, visit the temples of Tamil Nadu, relax with a cocktail at Varkala beach, observe daily life pass you by on the Keralan Backwaters and visit the majestic palaces of Mysore, all in the course of one well organized tour.




Indian Rose Tours specializes in making itineraries together with you, tailor-made to your special wishes on itinerary, budget, excursions and accommodation. We suggest several original individual itineraries. At the “Our Tours” section on this website you can choose between North India (2 tours) and South India (5 tours) to see our suggestions on individual tours. Of course we can incorporate any adjustments you would like to see implemented. Indian Rose Tours  is also happy to help you create your very own itinerary, either for yourself, your friends or your family. We hope the suggestions described on this website will inspire you. Contact us with any questions, and get ready to....






• Enlightened Travel in India

Why you should choose to Travel with us:

Indian Rose Tours exists to help you experience South India in its truest form, without sacrificing any of the safety and comfort we Westerners are used to. India has many different faces. Our aim is to help you get to know as many of these as possible. The itineraries are constructed in such a way that our stays in the busy and bustling towns are followed by spells of time spent in smaller villages and peaceful nature areas. It's possible to see many of the highlights of any area by booking an organized excursion, but we also suggest taking the time to explore a city centre or a temple by yourself. In this way you'll find you can more easily get to experience the friendly local population. Most people speak good (Indian) English and are all too eager to strike up a conversation with you!

The tours are designed and, if you wish, guided by Micha Roos, the creator of Indian Rose Tours. Micha is an acknowledged expert in Indology (Languages and Cultures of the Indian Subcontinent), having spent years exploring Indian religion, culture and history through intensive study at Leiden University and private research. He has been living in India - and working in Indian Tourism - since 2003. The combination of study and extensive experience organizing and running tours in South and North India make him uniquely qualified to help you arrange your tour or to be your perfect guide for your travel adventure. It doesn't hurt that his friendly and patient attitude make him truly an enjoyable companion and an unflappable problem solver. He also speaks English, German, French, Dutch and Hindi.

Indian Rose Tours believes that by facilitating all of the details of your tour through Micha himself, we can provide both the most flexible and dependable itineraries available in the market. With the knowledge and experience available to us, we think we are best positioned to accommodate the needs and wishes of our clients. This also helps us to stay flexible in our ability to meet special needs of individuals, and book the most ideal arrangements for you as you prepare for your trip.

Micha Roos / Indian Rose Tours


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